What Should My Speech Be About?

You have been given the liberty to speak in front of an audience on just about any topic of your choice. What would you pick?

This is a common situation for those of us who are teachers, keynote speakers, group leaders, counselors and more. Despite your speech topic of choice being important, you should take these factors and strategies into consideration when preparing to deliver your speech

Analyze Your Audience

Analyze the interests, attitudes and other things your target audience share in common. Consider how their point of view will affect the way you deliver your message. Anticipate whether they will agree or disagree with your topic of choice. Collect information about your audience before hand if possible, to get a stronger impression (e.g: interviews, observations, surveys, etc.).

Research Your Topic

Look for research material like visual aides to help accompany your speech and capture audience attention. You can also refer to relevant anecdotes and sources to fill time and eliminate awkward pauses. Educational references help with providing facts and data as well as having your speech sound more credible.

Strong Points vs Weaker Points

Once you have decided on a speech topic, choose two to five main areas on which you will speak. You may have several key points you want to communicate on during the course of your speech, however, be sure to select the ones you feel will deliver the most emphasis on your speech’s purpose.

Do you have your speech topic? If so, let’s work on an upcoming post in organizing your speech!


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