Best Practices for Public Speaking

Effective Public Speaking is not something that always goes right on the first instance. Even for the most extroverted individuals, there are practices that are very well essential to carrying out an effective presentation that will leave a lasting impression.

  • Speak with Purpose – What do you want your audience to take away from your speech? This could be the underlying theme behind your speech so prepare your speech with that goal in mind
  • Speak with Confidence – Well easier said than done for most aspiring public speakers, however there is not much to practice confidence. When you’re in a position of speaking public, chances are high that you are a credible source of the subject in your speech. Your audience is receiving information from you, not quizzing you.
  • Have a Strong Opening – In a world where we value getting information in the least amount of time possible, attention grabbers are key to having your audience tune in to your speech. If you don’t have the audience attention at the beginning of your speech, having them genuinely interested by the end will be very difficult.
  • Know your Audience – What do members of your audience have in common? Speak to those interests. Mold parts of your speech to acknowledge and satisfy those interests. Implement gauging your audience pre-speech as well to get an idea of such interests.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice – You can never practice enough to fine tune your speech. Practicing doesn’t only help you recite your speech topic, but also on timing, delivery, pauses and effective opening & closing. A local event or toastmasters club is a good resource to practice your public speaking skills as you will receive feedback from others that are well informed on public speaking!

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