5 Modern Resume Tips

Modern Resume Tips


Happy Friday fellow self-improvement seekers!

A few weeks ago I completed my 7th speech. The topic was (as it so often is when I speak) tips to improve your resume. Here is a quick recap:

1) Omit your physical street address. It’s wasting precious space, giving away personal info and let’s be real: nobody is mailing you anything.

2) Replace your Objective with a Career Summary. Start with telling them what you have to offer, instead of what you want from them.

3) STOP LISTING JOB DUTIES! List what you accomplished in that job instead. Concisely explain how you contributed to reaching a goal.

4) Don’t age yourself by listing experience from more than 10-15 years ago. Remove the date from your degree or diploma.

5) Hold on to your references until asked. This shows that respect personal data of those important contacts.

Toastmasters has so many benefits beyond improving your public speaking. It’s a great place to learn new things, absorb positive energy from supportive people and start making yourself accountable to reaching your goals!

See you next time!

Carmen M



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